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Top 10 Wonderful Ways to Remember a Loved One

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Remembering a Loved One

There are so many ways to be remembered beyond a service dedicated solely to honoring the deceased person. A family may have a special birthday or anniversary. A memorial service could be held for a deceased loved one, or a service may be held to remember them every day of the year.

When we think of the person we lost, what comes to mind?

What were the things they were passionate about?

While thinking about doing something they enjoy, people can come to fondly think of them, even when they refuse to be drawn out into an interaction about that activity. People often share that they will miss the person who died, but they also often think fondly of that person when they think of doing something they enjoyed together. There are many different ways to remember someone and so many different ways to have a memory of them.

This is a list of the top 10 unique ways to memorialize and appreciate your loved ones. These ways may or may not include burial.

#1 Cook their favorite meal for them.

Was your loved one passionate about food or is there a certain meal that will always go along with that passion? Cook their favorite meal and take the time to sit and enjoy it together. It could be a simple dish or something elaborate.

Learn how to make it, It's not as hard as it sounds!

This is a great way to honor someone’s memory and to reminisce about the special meals you enjoyed together.

‍#2 Write them a letter and read it out loud to them.

Writing a letter of things you wish you could say to someone you have lost helps you to remember them. You can also read it out loud to them.

Maybe you didn’t get to tell a person you love, or let them know they are loved, a letter closing is a great way to help people know you care about them.

#3 Plan a trip to a place that was special to them

Maybe trips to Ireland were a household favorite, or they always talked about their trips to Ireland. Take them there.

Visiting and observing the objects people loved can enlighten you to their real life experience. You may not have known that before, but now you do.

#4 Go to their favorite museum or attraction and experience it for yourself

If someone you loved were a fan of ancient Chinese art or enjoyed going to the Guggenheim, visiting their favorite museum is another way to remember and remember them to their children.

When grieving a loss, it helps to focus on the parts of their lives that make them feel most fulfilled. This can be anything from going to the opera to going to a museum, or even just visiting the place where they used to live.

Seeing what they are passionate about is a great way to get those vibes out into the audience.

‍#5 You can watch their favorite movie ‍

Was the person you survived a fan of romance novels or action movies? Was the person you survived a fan of rom coms or action movies? Why not watch their favorite movie together and experience it together.

Maybe they always loved Jim Carey movies, or maybe they just loved action movies. By watching their favorite movie together, you can get a sense of what they enjoyed and what made them happy!

Rewatching a movie that you know made them laugh or tear up is a great way to remember that person and their passion for corny jokes!

#6 Go back to places where they spent a lot of time when they were younger

What’s better than thinking about fond memories of your path that you marched back up and walked the rest of the way with your late loved one? There are memories that are dear to the heart and others that are just as special, but one thing is for sure, going back to places where they spent a lot of time when they were younger will help you feel closer to them and connect more with their memories.

Going back to places that hold good memories of the dead gives a person a chance to publicly remember the memories of the dead. It is important to remember the memories of the dead in order to build a better future for the living.

‍#7 Visit with their friends or other loved ones who are still living and involved in their lives

When it comes to processing the impact of loss, the loss of a loved one is a difficult and upsetting experience, but there is a way to help ease the pain. For one, you can do something that is guaranteed to make the person feel loved and appreciated. You can visit with their friends or other loved ones who are still living and involved in their lives and tell them how you feel, and let them know that you are there for them.

One way to keep one’s spirit alive is to visit with one of their friends and to hear all the ways your loved one touched those who are now strangers. You can even share your own stories and experiences with them. If they are still living, you can even get them to help you plan a memorial service or to write a letter of remembrance.

Talking to their friends can help you gain an extra perspective on your loved one's fulfilled life and can help you ease some of the grief you feel. It can also help you to remember the good times and to cherish the memories of the person you love.

#8 You can Listen to their most favorite band or even write a song in their honor

Was your loved one a big music lover or a big music listener?

Maybe they were a die-hard Beatles fan or had an ear for classic music and opera. You can use this to your advantage. You can write a song in their honor or listen to their favorite band and write a song together. You can even record it and post it on social media or in a blog or on a website. You can even record a video of you and your loved one singing a song together.

Listening to their favorite music is a great way to remind you of who you once were. It can also help you to process the loss of your loved one!

If you are the creative type yourself try writing a song about their life as a musician you are the first found artists.

#9 Create a Shadow Box of something important to them and keep it with you at all times

Shadow boxes are a fantastic way to tap into your creative side and celebrate a special memory that defines you. Maybe your loved one was a big fan of art or had a beautiful home with lots of art on display. You can use this to your advantage and create a shadow box of something important to them. You can keep it in your car, in your home, or on your desk. You can even put it on the wall as a reminder of the time they spent with you.

If they were in the military or if they liked to bake, frame the things that meant most such as medals of honor and a favorite recipe.

The joy of creative remembering can also come with a fresh canvas or the photograph of someone who died in the past.

‍#10 Host a memorial fundraiser in their name or help support their work in the community

Finally, hosting a memorial fundraiser in the name of the deceased will be a far more meaningful way of celebrating the life and life of the deceased. This can be done in a number of ways.

By choosing a charity or cause that was committed to your interests you will be honoring their collective memory and helping to support their work in the community.

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to memorial fundraisers

Have you tried any of these creative activities that have been used in celebration of someone? What is your favorite way of remembering a loved one? Please share in the comments below.

Or perhaps you've done something entirely unique and completely different?

Losing a loved one is like losing a member of your family and having to go through the pain of losing them again, only this time you didn't know when your loved one was going to pass.

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